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Sonic kids part one by cuttieartgirl Sonic kids part one by cuttieartgirl
Here are Sonic kids. I'm going to do their description from left to right:

Name: Moon
Daughter of: Cream and Tails
Age: 12
Likes: Run, sports, Tom
Doesn't like: Tom ignore her
She is a little fox with 2 tails (like her father) and had a crush on Tom (and follows him every part he goes, like Amy) Her brother Mike, is always take care of her, and she likes a lot her brother.

Name: Tom
Son of: Sonic and Amy
Age: 15
Likes: Run, fresh air, being in a calm place, Moon (a little bit)
Doesn't like: mean people, that someone hurt Moon or any other of his friends, Moon acting like a stupid.
He is like his father, always running from one place to another, but he only want to stay in a calm place to stay with his friends, but he always has to run because Moon is always chasing him!

Name: Crystal
Daughter of: Knuckles and Rouge
Age: 16
Likes: fight with bad guys, adventures, seeing her brother happy.
Doesn't like: mean people, someone hurting her brother
She is a pink echidna who is always looking for adventure (always seeing if her brother doesn't get into trouble), she has a short temper like her father, but she likes jewels like her mother, her name was chosen by her mother.

Name: Mike
Son of: Cream and Tails
Age: 18
Likes: seeing her sister happy, Mia
Doesn't like: stupid people, his friends doesn't acting for his age, his parents doesn't understand him, seeing her sister sad
He is the older in the group of the new group of sonic. He is always sad because she lost a very special friend when he was 11. Because they told him that they died. So he is always telling her sister to be careful with Tom because one day he could hurt her.

All characters and fanart (c) :iconcuttieartgirl: me!
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sonsie4ever Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
there cute
its funny coz Crystal and Christopher are siblings and Crystal shortned would be Crys and Christopher would be Chris. they have the same nick-name!
cuttieartgirl Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Student General Artist
XD Wow, didn't notice that!

But I think Crystal's nickname will be Cy or something
SweetMcGurran Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2007  Student Digital Artist
oh i saw him. he cute!! ^^; sorry...i cant draw so i get inspieration from da best.^^; it's kindy-non-copyright so im going now
cuttieartgirl Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007  Student General Artist
thanks for the comment
SweetMcGurran Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2007  Student Digital Artist
where's crystals bro??
cuttieartgirl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007  Student General Artist
in the next picture
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